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Beginning today, your vacation time won't be overlooked or underappreciated. Your decision to Own The Journey means you’ve made memorable family time a priority. The most important part is that you invite family and close friends to share these moments with you. We are committed to helping you create countless magical moments, so let’s start the journey.

It all begins when you book your first Capital Vacations vacation using your Capital Points. Will it be an entertaining moment, laughing out loud at one of Branson’s 100 plus stage productions? Will you create an Adventurous Moment, kayaking down the Little Pigeon River in Tennessee? You could also create an Awe-inspiring Moment, watching the sun rise from your balcony in Myrtle Beach. There are so many moments to choose from. Which will you choose?

Ownership with Capital Vacations provides endless vacation options for you and your family! Come, let the adventures of a lifetime take you places, surround you in magic and put you right in the center of cherished vacation memories. Let the journey begin!


And these are the moments you'll treasure. Vacations have a way of sharpening your focus and creating the images that are easily brought to mind throughout your life. Remember the road trips of your childhood? Your first trip to an amusement park? That time you walked for miles on the beach looking for seashells with your Mom? When you went fishing with your Grandpa? Or watched the sunset while Dad was grilling? Now, it’s your turn. With Capital Vacations, moments take root and create memories that last forever. Every Moment we help you create will yield memories to be treasured … Are you ready?